4th Teaching

August 31,2018

Today I’m gonna teach with my fellow sea teachers as a group.

Activity Plan

Concept: Loco Motor and Non-Loco Motor Movements

Title of the Activity: Let’s Dance and Sing

Skills to be developed:

Language Arts

-Identify the different loco motor and non-loco motor movements such as clapping, stomping,swinging their arms, jumping, and shaking their hips.

-sing the song accurately


-Dance and sing with other children

-Follow instructions

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

-Execute the different movements like clapping, stomping, swinging their arms, and shaking their hips

Learning Area: Outdoor

Materials Needed: Laptop and Speaker



1. The teacher will present an energizer for the pupils.

2. The teacher will introduce Loco-Motor and Non-loco Motor movements.

3. The Teacher will execute some of the Loco-Motor and Non-Loco Motor movements.


4. The teacher will execute the Loco-Motor and Non-Loco motor movements together with the pupils

5. The teacher will ask the pupils to execute a certain movement.


6. The teacher will play the song and will execute the movements together with the pupils.

7. The teacher will group the pupils. Each group will dance using the movements presented to them accompanied by a song.

8. The teacher and the pupils will dance all together.

And because every Friday is a fun day, the teachers asked us to lead one more dance. We said yes . We are accompanied by the song Meraih Bintang, it was a good song. Indeed friday is a fun day for all of us!

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