3rd Teaching

August 30, 2018

This day I’m gonna teach Class Amanah about the English terms for colors. Below is the sample of my activity plan. I was observed and evaluated by Maám Syarah, one of the teachers in Sabilina.

Activity Plan

August 30, 2018 (Thursday)

Concept: Colors

Title of the Activity: Color ME!

Class: Amanah

Skills to be Developed:

  • Language

– name the colors presented by the teacher (RED ,YELLOW, BLUE. GREEN AND ORANGE)

  • Socio-Emotional

-can work independently or with minimal assistance

  • Fine Motor Skills

– can hold and use the crayons or color pens properly

  • Cognitive

– identify the colors presented by the teacher

-follow instructions told by the teacher

  • Art

-follow actions indicated in the song

  • Moral

-patiently wait for their turn to answer

Number of Children: 11

Learning Area: Classroom


  • Crayons/ Color Pens
  • Any objects/Pictures that will represent the colors to be introduce
  • Worksheet



  1. The teacher will show objects/picture that corresponds to a certain color.
  2. The teacher will tell the color of the objects.

Implementing the Activity/ Implementation

  1. The teacher will give each of the pupils a worksheet.
  2. The teacher will give instructions regarding the worksheet.
  3. The pupils will work on the worksheet.


  1. The teacher will sing a song about colors and the pupils must follow the actions indicated in the song.


Title: Apples are Red

Apples are Red, the grass is Green

The sky is Blue and the clouds are White

Bananas are Yellow, Oranges are Orange

Black is the color of the sky at night.


Let’s try RED!

Let’s all look and see who’s wearing Red,

If you’re wearing RED then please stand up

Put your finger on it and show me that you found it

Put your finger on the color RED, RED, RED

Please sit down.. Let’s try …. (repeat and substitute the color)


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