The Asian Games Venue

September 1, 2018

We woke up early this day and drove to Jakarta to avoid the traffic jam. It feels like a family day out because we are with the school founder’s family. We brought food like kebab and fried noodles. When we arrived at ASIAN games venue we bought ticket so we can enter. The ticket should be worn like a bracelet. The first thing I saw is the statue of the First President of Indonesia which is Ir. Soekarno. We roam around and I saw the Asian Games Flame, we rode the free bus that takes you around the venue. Good thing we rode it because the area is really wide and it will be really tiring if we walk.

At lunch time we went to where the food stalls are. They sell a lot of Indonesian food but we chosed to try the famous Indomie. A spicy noodle which is cheap in price. I tried buying foods by speaking Bahasa Indonesia. After eating and because it’s really getting hot in the area and I feel like i’ve been tossed into the oven like literally we all agreed to go home. This day was fun for !

Statue of the First President

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