Farewell Party

September 4,2018

I woke up feeling different emotions today. I’m happy but at the same time wondering why staying here is like a blink of an eye. I wore my yellow and green Filipiñana. Bunda Imaz, our principal and the founder Ibu Maftu have been teary-eyed giving their messages to us. Telling us that they wish us well and that we will be successful teachers in the future. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t cry hearing their messages. The pupils entertained us through a dance number and I was wondering how i didn’t see them practicing the dance the time i was here. I even cried when I watched the video they made for us. I didn’t know they were taking photos and recording our activities here. They gave us presents. I was moved because they know each one’s favorite color. We hugged our teachers and said our goodbye’s to our pupils. I met the student teachers from UHAMKA, our receiving university.

All of us formed a bond that I know will never break although we are going to be apart and not see each other as often as before. We found a family at Sabilina. And yes I left a part of my heart here.

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