2nd Teaching

August 29,2018

My concept for this day is the English terms for shapes. I’ll be teaching class Amanah which consists of 11 pupils. Below is the sample of my activity plan. I was observed and evaluated by our Principal Bunda Imaz.

Activity Plan

August 29, 2018 (Wednesday)

Concept: Shapes

Title of the Activity: Raise the Shape!

Class: Amanah

Skills to be Developed:


– name the shapes presented when ask by the teacher


-work with other children

Fine Motor Skills

-raised the figure of the shape ask by the teacher


-give examples of objects that is in a shape of rectangle, square, triangle, circle and oval


-can follow the beat of a song through clapping


-patiently wait for their turn to answer

Number of Children: 11

Learning Area: Classroom



Printed figures of shapes (Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Oval)






The teacher will show different shapes.

The teacher will tell/flash in a power point presentation the name of the shapes.

Implementing the Activity/ Implementation

The teacher will group the pupils into three (3)

The teacher will give each group the printed figure of the shapes.

The teacher will show an object that corresponds to a certain shape and the pupils will raise the figure of the shape and name it.


The teacher will sing a song about shapes and the pupils will participate through clapping.

Shape Song

A circle, a circle Can you make a circle? 2x

A circle, a Circle Can you point a circle? 2x

(replace the word circle with other shapes you introduced to the pupils)

The teacher will show objects and ask the pupils what is the shape of the object and the pupils will answer.


I heard from my pupils that they enjoyed the lesson for today. It feels really nice that they call me Miss Erica and they listened attentively to me.

My 16th Day of Staying at Sabilina Islamic School

August 27,2018

Today is monday. I assisted my teachers as usual. Like preparing the materials for the pupils, assisting each and every pupils in their activities, singing and dancing with them. Like the usual, I ate with them and waited for them to all go home.

Today our principal, Ma’am Imaz told us the we are going to teach this week so she asked us to prepare our activity plans to be checked the following day. She also told us that our activity plan should developed 6 domains. We went home after she told us about this and began making my activity plans.

Going Around Jakarta!

August 25, 2018 (Saturday)

It’s a good day to roam around the city with my fellow SEA Teacher Batch 6 and two of our teachers, Maám Syarah and maám Nurul. We rode the famous transjakarta a bus that takes you to the capital city then we rode a train going to Kota Tua, the old town of Indonesia. I saw flags of the Asian countries being displayed. There are lots of tourist walking around Kota Tua today. There are live bands performing too. I even had the chanced to took pictures of some people who are performers and wear fancy dresses. I also tasted one of the streetfood they have in this place and it was very spicy.

After visiting kota tua we went straight to Monas or the National Monument of Indonesia. The monument was made to represent the spirit of the Indonesians to fight for their independence. The torch like at top of the monument is made up of real gold.

We also went to Masjid Istiqlal the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. It has unique features and the walls of it are like gold. Inside it is very wide. Lastly, we visited the largest Catholic Church in Jakarta. For me it looks like a castle. It has a high ceiling and there were scenes in the bible painted around the walls of the church. Indeed it was a tiring but amazing day for me. It feels good to be here.

The Dancing Student Teachers!

August 25, 2018 ( Saturday)

We are given the opportunity to showcase our talents not only infront of our students but infront of their parents as well. I together with my fellow SEA Teachers Batch 6 went to school at exactly 7:00 am to get ready. I am so nervous but at the same time excited. We were instructed that when the master of ceremonies introduced us to the audience that’s our cue to appear and to dance.

I felt relieved and happy after we performed. The parents, pupils and our teachers applauded and told us that they enjoyed watching us. We went straight to the house we are staying and change for this day we are also going to teach the kindergarten pupils one of the Philippine traditional dance, which is the “Lapay.”

Lapay is the bird which the dance is from. Out of a graceful flapping of the Lapay’s wings, Felisa Tupas and the fisherfolks choreograph a dance imitating some of the Lapay’s movements. But because we are teaching preschoolers we made the steps much easier for the the pupils to follow.

Weekend Dance Practice

August 24,2018 (Friday)

We started our practice at 9am. The dance is called “Sabilulungan” one of the traditional dances here in Indonesia. This dance was taught to us by Bu Ida, a dance teacher in Sabilina Elementary School together with her daughter Azkia. Some of the steps were inspired by indonesian martial arts. This dance also uses fans as one of the props and conveys a message of unity and cooperation.

Trying some Kabaya a traditional clothing in Indonesia because this will serve us our costume for this dance.

A Productive Afternoon!

August 23, 2018

After assisting the teachers in the morning we helped cutting,weighing and packing the meat of the lambs and cows. These meat are to be distributed to the people in the community. Truly, it feels good to be helpful. The people in this community known each and everyone are very friendly. They talked to us as if we already know each other for a long time and they treat us as one of them too.

Though i felt a bit of aching on my back when we finished our task I felt happy because I got to know and talk to some amazing people. It feels nice to be here!

Wednesday Holiday!

August 22, 2018 (Wednesday)

Today we celebrate the Eidul’ Adha or feast for sacrifice so it is a holiday for all of us. No classes for today. And yes! My fellow Sea Teacher batch 6 stayed indoors in the morning and tried some of indonesia’s traditional food, like the arabic rice, beef rendang, rice that is wrapped in a banana leaf. Those foods are so tasty. We drink fruitcocktail.

In the afternoon, we went to Plasa Cibubur together with Hanna, granddaughter of the founder of Sabilina and with Umi our indonesian buddy. We bought some clothes and Hanna and I played some arcades and the bumper car. It was a fun day for me!

4th Day Observation!

August 21, 2018 (Tuesday)

A circle time with the teachers this day, praying before starting anything and to condition the teachers heart and mind. After that I went to where the Class Amanah are having their daily journal.

Then its circle time again. After the circle time the pupils together with the teacher went around the school. The teacher who leads the tour today is Bunda Ainun. She talks about the trees that can be found around Sabilina, and then they stop on a tree that bears a sour fruit. Bunda Ainun let the pupils taste it.

After the touring, they went back to the classroom and ate their snacks. After snack time they played outdoor then went back to preparation center to do this activities.

After using those materials they fixed and placed them into their proper places and went to the wash area to wash their hands and then they ate their lunch. After eating, they placed their used plates and other utensils into a basket allocated for the used utensils then they brushed their teeth and do the “wudu” then wait for their parents to come and pick them up.

3rd Day Observation!

August 20, 2018 (Monday)

Class Amanah started their day through learning proper pronunciation of arabic words and how to read Arabic with the same teacher.

Next they went to work on their journal in which I helped Bunda Esti to checked on what they draw. The checking goes like this, you write the date and then you write what the pupils say about they drawing or their interpretation of the drawing. The journal serves as their attendance. In here, they call the attendance as “absent”

Now its circle time again.

After the circle time the pupils wash their hands and get their snacks inside their bag.

After eating, they proceed to the preparation area where Bunda Avy Lia asked them how is their weekend. In this area the pupils do the following activities:

After the given time for them to do those activity they help in fixing the materials they used and put them to their proper places. After that, they went to eat lunch together, brush their teeth, do the “wudu” and wait for their parents to pick them up.