A Video for all of you!

Just wanna share this video to all of you which summarizes my activities and experiences during the SEA Teacher programme.

It was our Second Semester when I heard the big news I’ve never thought I can hear in my life. I was chosen as one of the five students in our college to represent our university in an exchange program. With the help of our Lord Almighty, my parents, our Dean of the college, Dr. Eliza T. Samson, our university faculty and staff and our advisers it was possible for me to join the program.

It was dawn when we arrived to this beautiful country, Indonesia and we are welcomed by Mr. Purnama and Mr. Komara faculty and staff of UHAMKA our receiving university. After staying for two days at UHAMKA we drove to Bekasi together with my fellow SEA Teacher batch 6, Kayla and Crismae, Bu Ahmel head of the PAUD UHAMKA and our Indonesian buddy Umi. When I went out of the car, I saw a colorful school, that’s when I knew it’s KB/Teka Sabilina our practicum school and in front of it are children who were holding drums together with their teachers with smiles written on their faces. It was a heart-warming welcome and I feel honoured. They even gave us our very own “pashmina. “ They toured us around in the Kindergarten as well as in the Elementary School. After that, we went to see the house that we will be staying. The founder of Sabilina opened the doors of her home to us. I really feel happy and grateful at the same time.

We started our observation the next day. I was assigned to Class Amanah which means trust in Arabic. I handle children with an age range of 5-6 years old. Classes start at 7:15 am and ends at 12:00 noon so we must be at the school before 7:15. Before starting anything, the teachers must always have this early morning circle time where they pray and this will surely help to condition their mind and body. After that, we must prepare the pupils journal in which the pupils draw anything they want and when they are done they must show it to us or the teacher assigned to them and they will tell us what they draw. The journal also serves as their attendance. The challenging part for me is that our pupils used Indonesian terms for the things they draw so I need to ask the teachers to translate it to me. But everyday I’m making progress and little by little I tend to understand the things they are saying. I’m also getting used to the school routine and because of that I can assist the teachers with all my best. The pupils are much disciplined and well organized. They know where to properly put their shoes, they know how to fall in line and they listen well to their teachers. The school uses six centers, which are the dramatic center, blocks center, preparation center, science and nature center, worship center and art and creativity center. The teachers’ activities for the pupils are hands-on, that way the pupils are learning by doing.

My teaching and assisting period are one of the highlights of my stay here. This period is really enjoyable. It’s fun to really engage myself in talking to the pupils as well as to the teachers. Of course there is a language barrier but that can’t stop me from doing my duties and responsibilities as a student teacher. I used gestures and facial expressions to communicate to them. I learned basic Indonesian words and I never stop learning every day.

I can say that my stay here is really memorable and full of fun. I remember myself together with my two (2) fellow Sea Teachers helped weighing, packing, and counting all the meat that is to be distributed on the “feast of sacrifice” or Eidul Adha. It feels really good to be helpful to people. Truly, we had a lot of holidays and we tried lots of Indonesia’s savoury food like beef rendang, Arabic rice, lontong, sate, fried mushrooms that taste like fried chicken, several soups and not to forget that we drink tea almost every day. I also tasted the 86 year old Italian ice cream. We learned one traditional dance which is called “Sabilulungan” through the help of Bunda Ida a teacher in Sabilina Elementary School together with her daughter in which we are given the opportunity to perform it in front of our pupils parents on a weekend. Speaking of weekend, the teachers in Sabilina specially Ms. Syarah and Ms. Nurul always make it a point to tour us to several must visit places here in Indonesia. We visited Bogor where I saw the Presidents Palace, Kota Tua the old town of Indonesia, Monas the National Monument of Indonesia, the biggest Cathedral in Jakarta, Masjid Istiqlal the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia and we also visited Taman Mini.

I learned a lot in my short period of staying here. As a student teacher, I must be sociable and must easily adapt to new environment. I learned that communication serves as one of the prime factors to building a relationship with new people in new atmosphere. I also learned that no matter how diverse your cultures are, constant communication and open-mindedness absolutely break the barrier. Most of all, time alone does not make firm relationship between you and the others around you but time, respect and broadmindedness do.

I really consider myself lucky to be a part of this program where I met new people, lived in a new environment, made friends and made memories that I will surely treasure in my heart forever. The experiences which hone me to be who I am today and what I can be in the future, the skills that are enhanced for me to be a productive citizen, I owe all of those to the people who helped me in every way they can. I wanna thank UHAMKA and SABILINA for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talents and other skills in teaching. Truly, this is a wonderful experience.

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